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Smile, Kid

My name is ivy. I'm 19 years old and a college student in California. I have a boyfriend of 2 and a half years, who I love dearly. I'm also a bisexual crazy femme with many interests I don't feel like naming off. If you have any triggers please lemme know and I'll gladly tag. But basically this blog is a compilation of everything. (I don't have any "fandoms" so leave if that's what ur looking for).

Romance comics re-mixed

original posts x x x  x x x


im a man and i LOVE sitting on GIANT BALLSACKS


still laughing my ass off




NEVER FORGET when Miley Cyrus tried to get buck, and NEVER EVER FORGET when Kid Fury clapped back with the skill and might of the Ancient Wig-Snatchers of Old

No words can describe my love for this…..

i think about this so very often.


drinking underage like


I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m busy cutting open Fruit Gushers and squeezing all of the goo into a glass so I can take a shot of it because that has always been a dream of mine and now that I’m an adult with a job, I finally have the means to make it a reality. Please leave your name and number after the beep. 


Les Beehive – Angelina Jolie in the 90s

Honestly if it weren’t for cheese I would be a vegan lmao

Cow milk is so god damn gross


tumblr is such an embarrassing website to be a part of

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